Friday 9 December 2011

Welcome to the new blog for The Professional Crafters Guild

The Professional Crafters Guild was created in July 2011 to help working crafters show the world that they are 'serious' about their craft as a business and not a hobby! Nothing will rile a working crafter nore quickly than thinking that they are hobbiests rather than professionals.

The working crafter works excessively long hours and puts their body and soul into their work and deserve recognition for their efforts.

As the Guild grows we hope to achieve great things and look forward to meeting new people and working with them to raise awareness of our work. In this mass produced world we must strive to keep ancient crafts alive and keep generations of experience within our communities.

Initially, your first step is to wear your unique PCG badge with pride on your sites. Show your customers that you mean 'business'! Never be afraid to get in touch with ideas for the Guild, we need you to help us push forward into 2012.

Together, lets make 2012 the year of the Professional Crafter!

On joining our ranks you will receive a Welcome Pack which includes your unique digital badges that carry your registration number. Your details will also be added to our members list on our website. You will also have a digital certificate which you can print out and keep.

Spread the word and Join us today!

You can contact the founder of the Guild, Anna-Marie at


  1. it's about time there was a guild covering all crafts, good luck

  2. Thank you Jille, we will do our best to make you all proud. :)

  3. I second Jills comments. It nice to be part of a professional group that recognises your efforts without being snobby