Wednesday 14 December 2011

Please don't ask me THAT question!

I dread people asking me what I do! Because I'm not sure they ever really listen to the answer. Because I don't go out to work I always get the impression that they think I am either making things up to get out of doing the housework or am either too thick or lazy to get a 'proper job'!

Are they totally insane! Do they really not realise how hard it is to start a business from the ground up, from absolutely nothing, whilst trying to ignore everything going on around you. (Housework, small children, pets etc) The answer! No, I don't think they do.

Everyone that works from home knows as well as I do, that although we love our work, and we really do love it! It certainly isn't the easy option. We rarely, ever stop work. You will still see us beavering away whilst cooking tea and juggling children. Doing a spot of PR on twitter or Facebook during advert breaks in the evenings. Often sitting up through the night to finish off orders and projects. So please, please, please don't accuse us of having a hobby! It isn't a hobby, it is our LIFE! And lots of us are very good at it so credit where credit is due!

I started the Professional Crafters Guild, initially to give people something visible that they could slap on their websites and blogs etc. Something that shouts "Hey! I am working here!"
As it is starting to grow and develop I am coming to realise that we could actually make a difference, so if you have any ideas on how we can mature and support eachother I am all ears. :)

With regard to my answer to 'that' question! Well, it is always difficult to say. Yes, I do have a jewellery business, I also run a social network, I publish a magazine and now have this Guild. What do I call myself exactly? ( A total raving lunatic perhaps!) A good friend once said that I do too much and that it is 'virtual self harm'. She could be right, but I love it all too much and so I shall keep on going until I explode. :)


  1. I think I would like to print this out as a poster for the gallery where I sell!

  2. I find it a difficult question to answer too because although I work at my crafts full time and have 40 years experience behind me I don't earn a living wage from my efforts and so I always feel I have to say something like, "I am a full time crafter selling on line and at Craft Fairs but if it weren't for my husband supporting me I couldn't do what I love." And that always makes me feel like a) I have put myself down and b) I have de valued my own work.

  3. Hello Moomin, please feel free to print it out. :)

    Rachael, I totally agree with you, I am in the same position myself. The actual turnover doesn't define your business though, there are lots of main stream businesses that have small turnovers and even make losses. You need to focus on the effort and time that you put into it. Crafters add a small piece of themselves to every item they produce, this makes it extra special. Never feel that you have to explain yourself, how much money you make is irrelevant. It is your business! A Legitimate Business! So hold you head up and be proud that you are creating something yourself. :)