Thursday, 26 June 2014

PCG Today! 26th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 260614593
Lydia Tarry from Made with Love and Coffee
who creates Handcrafted, personalised deep framed Keepsake Boxes, Gifts, Candles and Cards
in the UK.

Love this !!!
Just thought I'd share this . I've made all my own pcg and business logo stickers to go on my parcels . Be proud to show you are a member and add your own . I can create for a small cost if businesses want to add their badge to their wares

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

PCG Today! 25th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 250614592
Rebecca Rylance from Butterfly Brown Creations.


Five nice Facebook tips here!

We are all struggling to be seen in this virtual jungle aren't we so it's always worth reading some of these tip blogs. The hardest thing is often to structure yourself into actually carrying out the tedious everyday stuff isn't it, there just isn't enough time in the day! I've tried about three of the five tips in this post, can you guess which ones?

Don't forget that PCG Members can pop into the members section of our website and check out the Q & A sessions from the google plus and Facebook experts. You can also send in your own questions for anything you would like to know and we will try and find the answers for you.

Do you have any great tips of your own? We'd love to hear them.

#marketing #crafts


Monday, 23 June 2014

PCG Today! 23rd June 2014

New Members

Member No: 230614591
Ann Bingham from Annbcrafts
who creates Jewellery and Gifts in the UK.


Is this you?

Please share and spread the message.


Thursday, 19 June 2014

PCG Today! 19th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 190614590
Amanda Hepburn from Rannoch Craft Studio
who creates Hand-crafted greetings cards and keepsakes with a keen focus on Scottish-led designs
in Scotland.


Fancy some online fun this Saturday?
The Creative Connections Social Network is having a FUN DAY!
Be there or be square! (yes I am that old)

For more info and the fabulous lineup of activities see here:


Monday, 16 June 2014

PCG Today! 16th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 160614587
Denise Holmes from Just My Cards
who creates Handmade cards and crafty items in the UK.


Member No: 160614588
Karen Twigg from Kay Tee Bears
who creates Handmade traditional miniature mohair bears in the UK.


Premium Guild Member
Member No: 160614589
Lisa Ridley from Loopy Lou's Bespoke Gems
who creates Stunning handmade jewellery made with genuine semiprecious gems and crystals
in the UK. (coming soon)


Friday, 13 June 2014

PCG Today! 13th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 130614586
Elaine Lowton from Grans Knits n Bits
who creates hand knitted items in the UK.


If you would like to upgrade your membership to premium status don't forget that you can do this at a discounted rate if you are members of WowThankYou, Craft A Thon, Crafty Magpie, Truly Handcrafted or @A handcrafted business by following the marketplace members links on our website.  


If you have a Premium Guild Membership and you haven't set up your free FULL FEATURE PAGE on our website yet it is certainly time to look into it!

You will have received a document to complete and return so that we can set it up for you. Please email or PM us if you need another copy.

(You can also find a copy to download in your Premium Members section in the Members Area)


The fabulous has been a PCG Premium Supplier Member for a whole year! Congratulations.

Minerva Crafts is your one stop shop for everything Sewing, Knitting and Craft! We carry one of the largest ranges of craft products in the UK, with over 100,000 products covering Fabrics, Patterns, Haberdashery, Knitting, Crochet, Embroidery, Cross Stitch, Quilting, Beading, Jewellery supplies and 1000's more that would be too long to list them all!

Check out their feature page on the PCG site here...

Thursday, 12 June 2014

PCG Today! - 12th June 2014

New Members

Member Upgrade!
Member No: 090413424
Samantha May from Yamma's Cards and Crafts
has upgraded to Premium Member Status!

Sam creates Cards, crochet and tatting in the UK.


Premium Member
Member No: 120614585
Carol Webb from Carol Made This
who creates Stained glass items
in the UK.


Member No: 120614584
Clair Craig from Cobweb Creations
who creates Gifts and keepsakes for special occasions
in the UK.


Definitely a thought for the day! Thank you Mr Carrey.

"You can fail at what you don't want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love."


Premium PCG Member Elegance by Sue's new Guild Pinterest Board is looking fabulous already.


Congratulations to PCG Member Quernus Crafts for being voted Best British Crafter 2014!
We are sure that you will agree that the award is well deserved. 


We received a fabulous piece of feedback for our new website page yesterday from fantastic PCG Member Kelly from Mrs Mcday Makes

"I confess that I was in two minds as to whether joining the Professional Crafters Guild would be ideal for me. Like most crafters, I found taking what I did from hobby to business a nerve wracking process and I was working slowly towards my goals. I wasn’t sure I fitted the ‘Professional’ part of PCG yet.
My main problem was, (being an Aussie ex-pat) I didn’t know what I didn’t know; about the UK crafting scene and the small business scene here in the UK. I had a loyal customer base, a product (customised keepsake boxes) that I enjoyed making and others seem to enjoy purchasing, but I had no mentors and therefore no-one to guide me through the perils and pitfalls that form the start of any new venture.
Holding my breath, pressing the ‘Join’ button was one of the best things I have done for Mrs McDay Makes. A PCG membership has given me information, allies, guidance, networks and the confidence that comes from speaking to and listening to other crafters say ‘I’ve been there, it will pass – keep going!’
I don’t always get it right, but I know where to go now when I DON’T know something (or when I get it totally wrong). The webinars, information sheets, advice, associate member deals and just having access to social media and marketing experts to run things by before making a colossal error has really changed how I do business.
I would absolutely recommend it to anyone trying to start a business from their crafting hobby."

Thank you so much Kelly, we appreciate you very much.

We are still looking for some more testimonials for our new page so if you are happy with your membership we would love to hear from you.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

PCG Today! 10th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 100614582
Sarah Spratt from Spratt's Prints & Crafts
who create a range of gifts & personalised prints, each hand created and unique for the individual
in the UK.


Member No: 100614583
Lea Salcedo Anderson from La Sola Sanctuary
who creates Textiles, Handmade Clothing Accessories, Beads, Jewelry, Dreadlock Art, etc
in Las Vegas, USA

Calling all PCG Members!

This isn't for the book, this is for our website...
If you love to be part of the Guild (and I hope you do) would you be able to provide me with a nice bit of feedback about us for a new page I'm adding? You can email me at (please also let me know if you don't want me to add your name and business to the feedback on site).
Thanking you all in advance.
Have a beautiful and creative day.


We have a new Premium Member offer!

Are you a Premium Member of the PCG?
If you are then email me your username (pm us on here) and I will create a board on our Pinterest Account JUST FOR YOU to pin your fabulous products on.

Monday, 9 June 2014

PCG Today! 9th June 2014

New Members

Premium Member No: 090614581
Kathryn Weaver-Prescott from From The Heart Creations
who creates Hand made creations of Garlands, Wreaths, Candle Jars, Bunting & more
in the UK.


Member No: 090614580
Donna Jayne Dingley from The Unique Gem Lady
who creates Wire and gemstone sculptures, and jewellery 
in the UK.

Wednesday, 4 June 2014

PCG Today! 4th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 040614578
Rebecca Spencer from Rebecca's Rainbow Gems
who creates Hand crafted genuine gemstone jewellery in the UK.


Member No: 040614579
Diane Perks from Dianes Designs
who creates Handmade designer Jewellery in the UK.

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

PCG Today! - 3rd June 2014

Premium PCG and Committee Member Kerry from Paperama is holding a very special Raffle for Charity.
Please pop over and take a look. We'd love you to take part but if you can't please help to spread the word.

*************** RAFFLE DETAILS***************

Over £200 worth of goodies in the prize (there is only 1 prize)

Tickets are £1 each there is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. You will be sent an email with your ticket numbers. Entry from UK only due to postage costs thank you.

Payment for tickets to go via Paypal to - PLEASE PLEASE tick that you are paying friends/family so that there are no Paypal fees incurred allowing the whole amount to go to Kidscape.

Money will be collected here and at the end will be sent to Kidscape via Patsy's JustGiving page (more info further down the page).

Raffle will run from now until 9pm on Monday 30th June with the winner being announced at 9pm on Tuesday 1st July.

This is in no way endorsed by facebook

*************** PRIZES ***************

Sisterly Treats
Socksy Beasts!!!!
My paper cut heart
Elibar Handknits & Baby Wear
Karenza Paperie UK
Peppermint Art
Spiral Rose
Ella Goodwin Illustration
The Doodler
Porritt Family Cross Stitch Kits, Cards & Signs
Liana Marcel Designs
Soaperbly Handmade
Hand crafted hearts and baubles
Little Black Heart
Greta will be sending jewellery (a dear friend without a page personal jewellery page is Tomme Jewellery link in comments)
Stuart (another dear friend) will be offering an Angel Card Reading too

As goodies start to arrive I will upload pictures.

Please appreciate the generosity of the people donating here and that these people are all small businesses, many working from home to support families of their own, please do not harass them for donations.


To take part please follow this link to the main post:


New Members

Member No: 030614576
Laura Moore from Annie & Grace Dog Boutique
who creates Handmade Dog Collars, Leads and Accessories
in the UK.


Member No: 030614577
Susanne Lovering from Simply Unique Jewellery
who creates Hand made jewellery in the UK.

Monday, 2 June 2014

PCG Today! 2nd June 2014

New Members

Member No: 020614575
Janice Bunting from Egremont Crafts
who creates Handmade homewares and Knitted childrens clothes in the UK.