Monday 28 January 2013

PCG Today!

Welcome to another Monday morning at the PCG!

We have a new member for you to meet today.

Member No: 280113392
Michelle Brogan from Fernwood Crafts 
in the UK

Thursday 24 January 2013

PCG Today!

Good morning all!

We haven't had a member collage for a while so take a look at the beautiful creations by Rocket & Rose. (I am VERY tempted by those dino hoodies as my youngest is just obsessed with dinosaurs.)

Member No: 070113387
Gemma from Rocket and Rose

We also have a new member:

Member No: 240113391
Kirstie Perry from Kirstie's Allsorts 
in the UK

Monday 21 January 2013

PCG Today!

Good morning all! Still no snow down here in Devon! (I say that, it could be just where I am)

Let's meet a new PCG member!

Member No: 210113390
Lisa Jane Cook  from Aromatherapy Goodness 
in the UK

We are still looking for more members to tell us a bit about themselves in a member focus post!
If you would like to do this please email me at
or message me through our Facebook page.

Friday 18 January 2013

PCG Today!

We wanted lots of snow at the PCG today but we appear to live in a snowfree bubble! Make a snowman for us wherever you are. :)

We have a new member for you to meet again today:

Member No: 180113389
in Wales, UK

Thursday 17 January 2013

PCG Today!

Just a quick one this morning to welcome a new member to our ranks.

Member No: 170113388
June Fletcher from Sugar & Stash
in the UK

Monday 7 January 2013

PCG Today!

Good Morning from the PCG!

Well, we are into the second week of 2013, how are you all finding it so far?

I have two new members to introduce to you today and also an announcement to make.

The famous CRAFTfest is up and running again and the forms are now open to join in the fun at the March Event which is running from 16th - 23rd March.

This time there are subcategories to choose from and 3 stall options from the standard one at £5 right up to an option where it is all created and uploaded for you.

Don't forget to grab your virtual spot early to get those top places on the main menu pages during the event and also to make the most of the wonderful promotion and teaching that CRAFTfest brings.

Book your stalls on the main CRAFTfest website

Now lets meet our two latest members:

Member No: 070113386
Nicola Dundas from Glisten by Nix 
in the UK

Member No: 070113387
Gemma Bennett from Family Designs Limited trading as Rocket & Rose 
in the UK

Friday 4 January 2013

PCG Today!

Hello all,

Welcome to another day at the PCG. Todays new member is:

Member No: 040113385
Susie Kincla  from Susie K Crafts 
in the UK

Thursday 3 January 2013

Hello to 2013!

Onwards and into 2013!

Well, how did 2012 treat you all? Were you busy? Did you realise any goals? Here at the PCG we have great expectations for 2013, it seems to hold lots of promise doesn't it.

To get us off to a fresh start please welcome our newest Guild Member, the first for the New Year:

Member No: 030113384
Sharon Deal from SilverLily Jewellery
in the UK