Friday, 12 December 2014

Christmas is nearly here!

Have you seen our Advent Calendar?

New Members

Member No: 081214643
Belinda Warwick from Lazee Dazee
Unique hand-crafted items which will make the perfect gift for a cherished friend, a loved one or to treat yourself.


Member No: 091214644
Lindsey Jones from Alana J Design
Handmade V pillowcases, soft furnishings.


Friday, 28 November 2014

New members and our fabulous Christmas Book!

Have you seen our fabulous 2014 Christmas Book!

New Members

 Member No: 241114642
Samantha Ackland from Wild Rose Country Designs
HamdMade Beach Treasure & Stirling silver Jewellery, Needle felted Creatures
in the UK.


Supplier Member No: S241114116
Somerset Beads
Beads, Semi Precious Gemstones, Findings and Jewellery Making Supplies
in the UK.


Friday, 21 November 2014

Who's new this week!

New Members

Premium Member!
Member No: 171114640
Irina Dobrovolska from Custom Hair Accessories
One-off design millinery, bridal hair accessories and jewellery in the UK.


Premium Member!
Member No: 201114641
Wendy Green from Ooh! I Like That
Individual items made from linens & cotton fabric and wool in the UK.


Premium Member Pages

Another Premium Member Page has gone LIVE!
Meet Scrumptious Designs


Friday, 14 November 2014

And another week done!

New Members

** Premium Member **
Member No: 121114639
Helen Morris from Handmade By Helen
Handmade cards and paper craft items in the UK.


Other news

There is still time to get your information in if you wish to be included in our 2014 Christmas Book!

Details need to be in by 20th November!


Friday, 7 November 2014

The end of another week!

Here we are at the end of another week!

Membership Upgrade to Premium Level

Member No: 250213399
Rachel Newton Brady from SheepyCreations
Memories in Felt!! Ooak felt products including pet portraits, pictures, bags cushions, scarves, etc.
in the UK.


New Premium Member Feature Page!



PCG members
Don't forget to submit your details for the 
PCG Christmas Book!

Thursday, 6 November 2014

FREE Advertising in our 2014 Guild Christmas Book!

Don't miss out on this great chance to market your business!

We are creating a Christmas Brochure/booklet which will be published online and available to download all over the place and all of our members are welcome to take part.
If you would like to be included please email me with the following:

Standard Members:
• Your business name
• A brief (one short paragraph) describing your business
• A clear, well taken image of one of your products
• One working website URL (online store, website, facebook page etc)
• last order date before Christmas if you have one

Premium Members:
• Your business name
• A brief (one short paragraph) describing your business
• FOUR clear, well taken images of your products plus descriptions and prices
• One working website URL (online store, website, facebook page etc)
• last order date before Christmas if you have one

We will need these by 20th November at the latest please to give me time to create the booklets.

Email to: 

New Guild Member Introductions

Member No:  061114638
Lisa White from Patchwork Jo Hand Made Papercuts & Gifts
Handmade Personalised Paper Cuts and Gifts
in the UK

Friday, 24 October 2014

Weekly Wrap Up! w/e 24th October 2014

New Members!

Member No: 201014634
Joanna Wallington from Charms by Joanna
Favours and Gifts in the UK.

 Member No: 211014635
Theresa Hegarty from Rust and Stardust Personalised Jewellery
Handmade silver jewellery in the UK. 


Member No: 211014636
Gillian Godjas from Daisy Chain Gifts
Gift shop featuring handmade soaps, bath products, floral arrangements, greeting cards, knitwear and homewares in the USA. 


Member No: 241014637
Maxine Veronica Pring from Paper, Chains & Beads
Inspired by Vintage - Artworks, Mixed Media, Scrapbooking & Jewellery
in the UK. 


Partners in Craft

Team 11 has just been set off!

Posh Bird Creations
Sweet Aroma's
Enchanting Crafts

Friday, 17 October 2014

Weekly Wrap Up! 17th October 2014

New Members

Premium Member No: 111014632
Natalie Tiltman from Natalie Tiltman Textile Art
Hand stitched cards, art and gifts in the UK.


Member No: 161014633
Tammy Betson from T&M Arts and Crafts
Handmade silver wire and gemstone jewellery and art work
in the UK

Friday, 10 October 2014

Who's New?

New Members!

Member No: 061014630
Gail Martin from Black Star Leather
Hand made leather items, by traditional methods - some with a twist
in Wales, UK.

Member No: 081014631
Debbie Vesey from Debbie Claire Gems
Handmade gemstone jewellery and accessories
in the UK.


Tuesday, 7 October 2014

Prince Charles boosts Britain's wool industry

As the campaign celebrates Wool Week , Prince Charles has spoken of his delight that the passion he holds for one of the natural world’s great resources had helped bring the industry back from the brink.

We have a fabulous selection of Guild Members who spin and create their products using wool. You can find them in our crochet and knitting, felting sections and also in textiles


Grab our free download
5 ways you should be marketing your business here

We are also adding lots of new features to the Premium Members Area of our Guild at the moment so keep an eye out for these. Standard Members are welcome to a discounted membership upgrade at any time

Monday, 6 October 2014

It's OK to feel fed up with it all!

It really is!
Just because you are the only one at the helm of your business it doesn't mean that you have to give it your all every single day no matter what! Even those of us that have been at it for years get fed up occasionally.

I've just had one of those weeks myself!
Those that know me are aware that one of the reasons I have so many facets to my business is that it helps to keep my interest levels up. I can switch about between them which usually stops me getting bored. This last week though I've hardly been able to bring myself to switch on my PC.

I think some of this was due to the fact that I wasn't well and for the last few weeks have been switching from various forms of medication and going backwards and forwards to the doctors but I have worked through much worse illnesses than this. There are also rather high levels of stress going on around my family at the moment (nothing too bad, just stressful) and with all that and not a lot of sleep I think I just burned out a bit. I remember being like this before a few Christmases ago when it all just got too much.

It is at times like these that it would be easy to say, "Right, that's it, I'm giving it all up!" which of course would be a terrible thing to do after so many years of putting my heart and soul into everything that I do. And naturally I wouldn't do it as whether they appreciate it or not (and I think a lot don't) people rely on me and they need me to be here to help them.

 Does this happen to you?

A few days totally away from it all is often what is needed. Recharge those batteries, allow your brain to recuperate and be able to process new ideas. Find your enthusiasm again! When I say a few days away I don't necessarily mean pack your bags and take off into the wilds (although that would be fabulous and very beneficial), it generally just means
  • leave the PC off for a few days!
  • Stop peering at your phone every five minutes!
  • Let social networking look after itself for a change.
The world will not stop turning just because you aren't online for 72 hours! Lie on the sofa and watch reruns of Friends (I did a bit of that last week). Take a walk and breathe in the fresh air. Spend time with family and friends. The most important thing is to keep your mind away from your work for as long as you can. And then....  then....
when you are ready to come back you will be able to see everything in a new light.

I have to admit that I'm still not 100% back to normal as I'm still not completely better but things are definitely a lot more bearable than they were last week. I am also guilty of not heeding my own advice in this case though as I wasn't totally away from it all. That does make all the difference.

So for me, for your business, for your family and most of all for you...

be kind to yourself and if it all seems like it's too much right now, take a break. 


Grab our free download
5 ways you should be marketing your business here

We are also adding lots of new features to the Premium Members Area of our Guild at the moment so keep an eye out for these. Standard Members are welcome to a discounted membership upgrade at any time.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Here we are again! The end of another week!

Member Upgrades!

Upgraded to Premium Level
Member No: 141112370
who is a Textile Artist & Designer Maker
in the UK. 


Member No: 160512294
Deborah Hastings from Rag Rug Textiles
who is a Rag rugging: designer, commissions & Kits, embroidery:designer, teacher & stockist
in the UK. 


 Premium Member Feature Pages!

New feature pages now LIVE from:

Pig Corner Cards
who creates Handmade cards, pictures and gifts in cross stitch which can be personalised to you individual requirements in the UK.


This week has seen lots of new sections added to the Premium Member section of our website!
We now have new Tutorials, Inspirations and Business Productivity Tools available!

Join us or Upgrade now!

Friday, 19 September 2014

Weekly Wrap Up! Who's New?

Premium Member Upgrades

Who Upgraded to Premium this week?

Member No: 040913490
Sharon Fielding from Gert Lush Designs 
who creates Wirework & Fused Glass Jewellery, Bags, Fabric Creations & Artwork
in the UK.


Member No: 311011148
Jean Ashcroft MBE from Pig Corner Cards
who creates Handmade cards, pictures and gifts in cross stitch which can be
personalised to you individual requirements.


 New Members

Member No: 150914629
Christine Robbins from Wrapped In Colour
who creates Hand-knitted shawls, scarves, cowls, hats and gloves
in the UK.


Thursday, 18 September 2014

How are you feeling today?

How are you feeling today? Wait.... Don't answer that question!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, you are more powerful than you think. Now before some of you shout at me I know that it doesn't always work but sometimes, just sometimes it does!

Before you decide that today may be a bit meh, a bit eww or a bit blah tell yourself this one thing. (And make sure you are firm about it). Tell yourself....

Today is going to be a good day!
Today, I am in a positive mood!
Today, my business is going to do well!

And most importantly......

Now, how are you feeling today?

Tuesday, 16 September 2014


Dream Designs 2000 interviewed for the Goldenroom Online Journal.

The Goldenroom is an online journal website Recognising, Representing and providing Resources for people of dual heritage and people in cross cultural relationships, as well as for business, government and community sectors working with cultures different to their own.

Professional Crafters Guild Member Lisa Wong from Dream Designs 2000 has had her story published on the site. 

Read the full article HERE 


Are you a PCG Member?
Don't forget to join our Exclusive Members Facebook Group HERE


We are sponsoring the CRAFTfest Christmas Markets!
Join us for SIX weekends throughout November and December for a fantastic time of festive selling.
For more information about CRAFTfest visit the event website HERE

Friday, 12 September 2014

Are you on our new members and upgrades list this week?

New Members

Member No: 080914626
Helen Butterfield from Buttercut Designs
who is a Papercut artist in the UK.


Member No: 090914627
Carrie Brennan from Lotties Lovely Designs
who creates Custom made plaques signs & gifts for many occasions
in the UK.


Member No:  110914628
Steven Rees from Bumblebear Crafts
who creates Handmade Cards, Gifts and crafts
in the UK.


Membership Upgrades to PREMIUM!

Member No: 200813484
Lynne Morison from Silver Sensations
who creates High quality affordable handmade unique & limited edition designer jewellery using genuine Sterling Silver, Semi Precious Gemstones, Pearls & Swarovski Crystals
in the UK.


Member No: 280911119
Stephanie Ellison from My Calico Heart
who creates Handcrafted fabric bags, gifts & accessories in Northern Ireland.


Member No: 100714600
Kirsty Dimond from K.D Jewellery
who creates Handmade Macrame Jewellery and Accessories in the UK.


More Premium Member Feature Pages are now LIVE!

Meet Adien Crafts

Friday, 5 September 2014

Check out our latest members and see who has upgraded to Premium!

New Members

Member No: 030914624
Izzy Shaw from Izzy Shaw Creations
who creates their wwn designed items in crochet, knit and fabric, many one of a kind. Including teddy bears, dolls, fantasy figures and crazy hats etc in the UK.


Member No: 040914625
Kerry Wall from Yesterplay Design
who creates USBs, stationery and gifts upcycled from toys and games
in the UK.


Membership Upgrades to PREMIUM!

Member No: 100614582
Sarah Spratt from Spratt's Prints & Crafts
who creates Prints and Crafts provide a range of handcrafted Personalised Prints,
Sparkly Gifts and Original Art in the UK.


Member No: 120814613
Lyn Bird from Posh Bird Creations
who creates Unique Quality Gift Baskets in the UK.


Member No: 090114508
Rosemary Anne Tryhorn from Blackberry Wedding Designs
who creates Personalised wooden wedding horseshoes,hearts, spoons, rolling pins etc
in the UK.


Member No: 090512291
Diane Price from Adien Crafts
who creates Hand made Jewellery featuring Semi Precious Gemstones
in the UK.


Member No: 030214521
Frances Hancock from Fran's Crafts
who creates Hand Decorated Clocks, Decorated Wooden Shapes and Handmade Cards
in the UK.

Another Premium Member Feature Page has gone LIVE!
Meet Bellybutt Zoo who are makers of fabulous ce marked soft toys!

and another....

Spratt's Prints & Crafts now has a LIVE Premium Feature Page.

If you are a standard PCG member and would like to UPGRADE your member at a permanently discounted price you can do so here 


Tuesday, 26 August 2014

PCG Today! 26th August 2014

New Members

Member No: 260814623
Lanie Edwards Murphy from A Lanie Bear
who creates Artist and designer of award winning collectable mohair bears
in the UK.

 If you are a registered member of the PCG don't forget to join our Facebook Group 
which is exclusively for you.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

New Members

Member No: 190814621
Margie Lloyd from Baby Snugs
who creates Hand made baby gifts ranging from Nappy Cake gift sets, Blankets, Bunting, Cushion Covers,Love in a box gift sets in the UK.


Member No: 190814622
Deborah Corbett from Sox Felt Sew Good
who creates Sock animals and felt creations in the UK.

Monday, 18 August 2014

PCG Today! 18th August 2014

This is a great bit of news for small craft businesses!

Budding entrepreneurs will be given greater freedom to start and grow a business from their home.

  • government announces new package to support home-based entrepreneurs
  • 2.9 million home-based businesses in the UK contribute £300 billion to the economy
  • Enterprise Nation to undertake in-depth research into Britain’s booming home businesses.
Budding entrepreneurs will be given greater freedom to start and grow a business from their home under new measures announced by the government today (15 August 2014).
Around 70% of new businesses start off in the home, and they contribute £300 billion to the economy. As part of its long-term economic plan to back businesses, the government wants to make it much easier for people thinking of starting a home business to do so with the law firmly on their side. Keep reading here

New Members

Member No: 180814616
Julie Harris from Watercolours and Lace
who creates Hand dyed yarns and knitwear designs, sold as patterns and finished articles
in the UK.


Member No: 180814617
Nicola Grosvenor from Laylah Stone Creations
who creates Jewellery and keepsakes using hand stamped metals and beads
in the UK.


Member No: 180814618
Ann-Marie Stagg from Unique Scrabble Gifts & More
who arranges scrabble tiles inside a frame to make a unique gift, designed to suit any occasion
 in the UK.


Member No: 180814619
Dawn Hodge from The Beads and The Bees
Handmade Beaded Jewellery using various forms
in the UK.

Member No: 180814620
Natalie Bryant from Polymer Pets
who creates Polymer clay animals and characters in the UK.

Friday, 15 August 2014

PCG Today! 15th August 2014

New Members

Supplier Member No: S150814115
J&S Enterprises
Stationery supplies & personalised rubber stamps in the UK.


PCG Competitions and Giveaways Page!
We now have a dedicated page on our website for members who are currently running competitions and giveaways. They all need a winner and 'it could be you!'
You can find it here:


Many of our members would like to meet fellow PCG members, some would really like advice and to be able to share experiences and information directly. So I have created a Facebook Group just for us.
You can find it here

Please note that this is for our registered members only.

Thursday, 14 August 2014

PCG Today! 14th August 2014

New Members

Member No: 140814615
Sheila Whittle-Bruce from Esme's Buttons
who creates Handmade polymer clay buttons and accessories for crafters, knitters, crocheters and artists
in the UK.

Wednesday, 13 August 2014

PCG Today! 13th August 2014

New Members

Member No: 130814614
Carly Rann from Bird and Blossom
who creates Handcrafted wooden gifts and home decoration
in the UK.


Tuesday, 12 August 2014

PCG Today! 12th August 2014

New Members

Member No: 120814612
Sarah Blake from All That Sparkles By Sarah
who creates Beaded jewellery, floating memory lockets and anything you can bling 
in the UK.


Member No: 120814613
Lyn Bird from Posh Bird Creations
who creates Posh Bird Creations in the UK.


Monday, 11 August 2014

PCG Today! 11th August 2014

New Members

Member No: 110814611
Denise Beech from Stitching Dee-Lights
who is a Seamstress - making CE certified rag dolls, bunting and other sewn items 
in the UK.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

PCG Today! 31st July 2014

Congratulations to PCG Member Glasspirations who has won a fabulous award!
We are very proud of you at the Guild. Well done!

 Business of the month on Twitter for Promoting Women Entrepreneurs


Member No: 310714609
Collette Mary Mawdsley from Willow & Me Designs
who creates hildrens clothing, knitted and crochet items, also make cards and stationary 
in the UK.


Member No: 310714610
Kirsty Beckwith from Captivated Magpie
who creates hand made jewellery in the UK. 


Wednesday, 30 July 2014

PCG Today! 30th July 2014

New Members

Member No: 300714607
Janet Attwell from Jans Knits Jewells and Boxes
who creates Hand knitting for very small babys and dolls costume jewellery all under £10, hand made boxs again under £10 in the UK.


Premium Member!
MemberNo: 300714608
Dawn Randle from Scrumptious Design
who creates Handmade cards, stationery and gifts in Scotland.

Tuesday, 29 July 2014

PCg Today! 29th July 2014

New Members

Member No: 290714606
Natalie Damen from Bellybutt Zoo
who creates Makers of ce marked soft toys in the UK.


Monday, 28 July 2014

PCG Today! 28th July 2014

New Members

Member No: 280714604
Vanessa Louise Cairns from Felted Fairy
who creates Handmade felt toys & decorations in Scotland.


Premium Guild Member!
Member No:  280714605
Tracy Michelle Devlin from Tmd-crafts
who creates Handmade cards, invitations, place cards & all Wedding Stationery Items Handmade knitted clothing, goods & photography props in the UK.

Monday, 21 July 2014

PCG Today! 21st July 2014

New Members

Premium Guild Member
Member No: 210714603
Suzanne Nicol from Made By Suzi
who specialises in making scented candles in vintage teacups and coffee cups in the UK.