Wednesday 19 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning all!

It has been wonderful to see so many crafters still busy leading up to Christmas. Sales seem very abundant this year which is such good news after a lean few years. One of our members Anne Doble from Artinkulate has been so busy that she has injured herself -

"Oh dear! Any other Christmas crafters inflicted an RSI on themselves?I've cut up so much plastic for my decorated letter orders in the past few weeks, that my right arm has very little strength left in it!I've badly strained the muscles around my forearm & elbow.So much so that I've had to call in reinforcements tomorrow to cut the plastic for me!!!Anyone else injured?"

How are you all holding up? Any last minute problems occuring?

We have another new member for you to meet today:

Member No: 191212383
Angela Smith from AnjiKrafts
in the UK


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Friday 14 December 2012

PCG Today!

Oooo! and here we are again! Friday does come round quick doesn't it! And yes, we have another new member for you all to say Hi to.

Member No: 141212382
Helen Perry  from Strombolitwo
in the UK

Thursday 13 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning all!

For those members that don't follow Facebook I would like to share an image that I posted this morning.

As small crafters we do lots of work behind the scenes, often working constantly. Most of the time it is for very little gain. This can get you down, cause negative feelings. But as with lots of things time invested is well worth it and the rewards will come eventually. So keep positive, if you get knocked down, get straight back up again. Let your glass remain half full! If you need support then ask ... we have a friendly community and we all know what it's like. We will be there for you.

And on that note, lets meet a new member:

Member No: 131212381
Aileen Atkins  from Borrowed Moments Baby Casting Kits 
in the UK

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Wednesday 12 December 2012

PCG Today!

Welcome to 12.12.12! What a lovely set of numbers!

Todays member focus is:

Judith Johnston Lampwork Beads
Member No: 210312253

We also have a new member for you to meet:

Member No: 121212380
Annabella Rhind  from Annabella Designs 
in the UK

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Tuesday 11 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning all,
Here we are again with another new member for you to meet -

Member No: 111212379
Sarah Smith  from Silver Birch Crafts 
in the UK

Todays Member Focus is:

Cherished Stained Glass
Member No: 121211180

Monday 10 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning and welcome to another day at the PCG!

Only 14 days until Christmas and orders still seem to be flying in for our members, I even posted one off myself this morning. Does anyone have any exciting business plans for the New Year?

We have two new members for you to say hello to today:

Member No: 101212377
Cindy Holmes  from
in the UK

Member No: 101212378
Eve Malinina  from Orangeni Soft Cuddles 
in the UK

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Friday 7 December 2012

Meet Diana from Beautiful, Beautiful Beads

Welcome to our first 


Beautiful, Beautiful Beads
Owned by
Diana Coe
PCG member 310712323

My name is Diana Coe (wife and mother of two) and I am the proud one-woman-business "Beautiful, Beautiful Beads".
I design and make jewellery from tiny glass beads and some people reckon I must have a mild form of OCD to do so. The truth is that I simply love the precision involved and it appeals to the perfectionist in me.
Like with most crafters I think, it started as a hobby and got a bit out of hand. As I got better and the standard rose I began to sell ...
My favourite technique is bead crochet, but I do a lot of beadweaving as well. The designs are quite modern and I often use geometrical shapes. That could be because I trained as vehicle electrician years ago and have in general a very technical way of thinking.

You can find me on Facebook:
or visit my Etsy-Shop: 

If you are a member of the PCG send us an email and we will feature you on a Members Spot. (Don't forget to tell us your registration number)

Email us at:

PCG Today!

Good morning crafters!
Well, we are one step closer to Christmas!

  • Are you all ready?
  • Do you still have orders flying in?
  • Have you gone into full on panic mode?
  • Are you taking it in your stride and are festively serene?
  • All of the above to varying degrees?

I'm not entirely sure that I fall into any of those categories but am doing my best to hang on by my fingernails as we hurtle at breakneck speed to the end of yet another year.

It would be nice to take a bit of time to look back on what 2012 has brought us, over here at the Guild we have been steadily growing and inching our way closer to 400 members. Many of the popular store front sites have revamped themselves both for good and bad. We have seen new internet legislation changes to confound us, rises in postage costs to push us to the very edge. Living costs have gone up, the weather has been 'wet' to say the least. But are we still fighting? You bet we are! We are a resilient bunch aren't we and we will persevere against all odds in our own crafty worlds.

I have been thinking about ways we can expand the Guild in 2013 and would love some feedback from our members if you have any ideas. I would also love you to comment and tell us all about the things that you have experience this year. We have some fantastic members and it would be wonderful to get to know you all better.

I would also like you to email me at and tell me about yourself, your business, what you love about what you do and how you do it. Also feel free to do some self promotion with some products and links and that all important PCG reg number. I will be doing a blog post for each of you that does so that we can all get to know each other.

In other matters today we have a new member to introduce:

Member No: 071212376
Denise Hartt from DBHjewellery
in the UK

Todays Member Focus is:

Rose Ellice Designs

Monday 3 December 2012

PCG Today

Welcome to another day at the PCG, are you all busy decorating your websites ready for the festive season? I have finally been allowed to add Santa hats to my avatars! Oh the joy!

We have another new member for you to meet and a member focus today so lets forge ahead.

Our member focus for today is:

LCG Creations


Member No: 031212375
Ali Humble  from Al's Gems
in the UK

Thursday 29 November 2012

PCG Today

We have two new members to introduce today:

Member No: 291112373
Natasha James  from Centi-Bead 
in the UK

Member No: 291112374
Claire Kuyuate from My Tribe - Jewellery
in the UK

Saturday 24 November 2012

PCG Today

Morning all!

Three bits of news from the Guild today

  • CRAFTfest is OPEN - so please pop along and support your fellow Guild Members who are taking part.
  • Member Focus - Elfwitch Designs
  • New Guild Member - Trinity Crafts

Member Focus
Elfwitch Designs

We have a new member:

Member No: 241112372
Helen Sansome  from Trinity Crafts 
in the UK

And pop along to CRAFTfest 
Open all of next week for you to support your fellow members who are taking part and also perhaps do a spot of Christmas Shopping! There are 250 wonderful online Craft Stalls to visit.

Visit CRAFTfest HERE

Friday 16 November 2012

PCG Today

Yet another Friday at the PCG

Today we have:

A Member Focus

Angel's Delights

And a new member:

Member No: 161112371
Denise Ellerman  from Raven Jewellery Design 
in the UK

Wednesday 14 November 2012

PCG Today

Hello and Welcome to a new day at the PCG!

What do we have for you today? Well, we have a member focus, a new member to meet and an announcement about the Christmas CRAFTfest event!

Lets go in reverse order. The forms have now closed for the Christmas MEGAFest event at Creative Connections. This year there are a whopping 250 stalls! Many of our members will be there so if you aren't taking part do still pop along and support them during 24 November - 1st December. There is also a soft opening on 23rd for Black Friday.
If you haven't taken part in an event before there is a waiting list up for the March one so that you will be notified when the forms open. It truly is a fantastic marketing experience. You can find the waiting list form here

New Member time:

Member No: 141112370
Kirsty Joanne Bojeng  from Beadie Eyed Edie 
in the UK

Todays Member Focus is:


Monday 12 November 2012

PCG Today

Hello again from the PCG!

Time is certainly zooming past isn't it! Are you busy getting your businesses all prepared for Christmas? I am hearing lots of different things at the moment, some crafters are having lots of sales where others are hoping that it is the quiet before the storm. How are you finding it at the moment?

Todays Member Focus (the new collages)

Tutus & Twinkles

We have a new member!


Member No: 121112369
Michelle Abbott  from Michelle's Handcrafted Jewellery 
in the UK

Wednesday 7 November 2012

PCG Today

Welcome to another day at the PCG

We have a new member!

Member No: 071112368
Brian Hurst from Briden Photography
in the UK

Monday 5 November 2012

PCG Today

Happy Monday from the PCG

A quick reminder that our Facebook page is always available if you need any advice from fellow members. Perhaps if you are looking for a specific supply or product. We are a friendly community and are always on the lookout for ways to help eachother. I feel that we should get more involved with Google plus too but am finding it hard to warm to it. How do you all find it? Any tips?

Time to meet todays new member!

Member No: 051112367
Louise Garbutt from LCGCreations
in the UK

Thursday 1 November 2012

PCG Today

Happy Thursday at the PCG!

Just a couple of bits of news today. Firstly, it's COW DAY!! Yes, those crazy Bovines are back for the now monthly Cow Awards over on Twitter. The Awards open at 4pm until 7pm so not long to wait now!
Just tweet @CowAwards with a link to one of your creations to enter. Each of the three cows will pick a winner, one for Creative, one for Outstanding and one for Weird & Wacky. The three lucky winners will receive a coveted cow award badge for their websites.
Its totally free so have a go!!

We also have a new member!

Member No: 011112366
Ceri Aitman from Oakwood Soaperie
in the UK