Friday 16 December 2011

Hands up if .....

Can I put my hand down now my arm is aching!

Rachael did make a very good point in her comment on the Please don't ask me THAT question post the other day. She mentioned that when people ask her what she does, she always feels as though she has to explain that although she has a craft business, it doesn't make enough money to support her. Why do we feel this way? Because we do don't we! Why do we always feel that we need to defend ourselves. When you think about, there are so many mainstream businesses out there that have very small turnovers and in the current financial climate make losses every year! How much money it brings in does not define your business! And to be honest, it is no one elses business but your own. We should feel confident enough to hold our heads high and shout to the world that 'This is what we do!'

So the next time someone asks you where you work. Say proudly that you own your own business, you are a Professional Crafter. And don't forget that you don't just have to compete with the shop across the road! You sell online! You are in competition with the rest of the world! Every sale that you make is extra special, that customer chose you out of the whole world!
How's that for a confidence boost!
So get that hand down, and keep it down. :)

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