Friday, 15 July 2016

Starting a new Business - WHICH CRAFT?

You may think this is a bit of a daft question but it is rarely that simple.

If you are lucky then you already know which craft you are going to be using for your business. Perhaps you have been knitting since you were a child or have always been good at art. Some of us are a Jack of all trades but master of none! Or perhaps you are multi-talented and can do many different crafts to a high standard.

Now those are the two key words that you need to focus on – high standard. Because the craft that you finally decide on must be something that you are good at. Something that you can consistently turn out top notch results in. Again, you may be gifted and be a multi-crafter, we have many of those in the PCG (Professional Crafters Guild). But it is vital that the items that you create are finished well, use good quality materials and do what they are supposed to. No one wants a reputation for shoddy work and if you do manage to sell something inferior your customers certainly won’t be coming back again.

So I repeat again (as it is that important), choose a craft that you are good at.

Common sense must also be applied to the logistics of the craft. Yes, you may be fabulous at working with glass but have you the money or space for a kiln and workshop? Take your financial situation into consideration and also your accommodation (if working from home). There is no point in choosing a craft that will take up a lot of space if you live in a tiny bungalow or have young children and pets around with equipment that could cause them harm. Common sense - we know you have it! Use it!

Once you have made the decision, you are good to go. Let’s move on…

Time to choose the name of your business, we cover that here

And of course, don't forget to join us at the Professional Crafters Guild.  
We offer, guidance, support and recognition for your craft business. With access to information, support networks, recommended services and opportunities for promotion and participation.

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