Wednesday 26 September 2012

Meet our new members!

We have new Guild Members!

Member No: 260912340
Samantha Anne Tookey from One of a Kind Creations
in the UK 

Member No: 260912341
Sharon Larder from The Craft Larder
in the UK

Member No: 260912342
John Capper from That Silver Touch
in the UK

Member No: 260912343
Zoe Greenhill from Joyero
in the UK

Member No: 260912344
Rachel Garner from Hours of Fun
in the UK

Member No: 260912345
Samantha Buller from Wishes and Kisses
in the UK

Monday 3 September 2012

Meet our new Members

Meet our new PCG Members!

Member No: 030912338
Leigh Collins from The Cake Mixture
in he UK

Member No: 030912339
Vanessa Maile from Vanessa Maile Jewellery
in the UK