Friday 22 May 2015

Weekly Digest - 22nd May 2015

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Maryann Sayer from Twitawoo Crafts
Candle and vase decoration and jewellery making.


Friday 15 May 2015

Weekly Digest - 15th May 2015

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Claire Hoult from Word Art Designs
 I personally design pictures into word art.


Member No: 110515703
John Moreton from TUUS
Create & produce miniature models of Cathedrals,churches


Member No: 120515704
Amy White from Amy's Makes
Amy’s Makes creates unique gifts for ALL occasions ranging from birthdays, anniversaries and weddings through to end of term teacher gifts and graduation gifts.


Member No: 120515705
Linzi Brown from Dangly Hearts Ltd
Nestled on the edge of the New Forest in our studio we hand make beautiful items from linen and cotton cushions to brooches and purses all designed to make wonderful gifts for all occasions.

Friday 8 May 2015

Weekly Digest - 8th May 2015

New Member

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Gemma Fletcher from ArtfulCrafter
Handcrafted and original design jewellery, accessories and home d├ęcor.


Member No: 050515701
Andrea Ferguson from Babyprints
Babyprints provides a professional hand and foot casting service for babies, children and adults.


Member No: 140515706
Karen Williams from Bead Bitz
Hand woven beaded accessories and jewellery.


Member No: 140515707
Clare Laverick from Clare's Monkeys
CE certified monkeys made to raise money for local charities.


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Member No: 061011129
Caroline Nash from Carolee Crafts
Vintage style gifts and cards

Wednesday 6 May 2015

Time to Shine - Jewellery My Design

It's your time to shine
Premium Guild Member

Jewellery My Design

Since 2007 Jewellery my Design has been creating classic and timeless chainmaille jewellery

These meticulously handcrafted chainmaille weave designs are individually made using exquisite, Sterling Silver, pretty gold-filled in yellow and rose, allergy-free stunning niobium, warm and earthy copper and edgy and urban stainless steel.

Many designs can be tailored to your own requirements. Commissions are more than welcome.
Fiona began her early working life as a secretary so she has a background in paperwork. Quite by chance, in 1994 her husband was offered a job in Northamptonshire, when they were living in Aberdeen. They upped sticks and moved South. With this opportunity now to do what she wanted, Fiona went back to college to train as a Nursery Nurse, why, you ask, she has no idea. By the end of the course she discovered she was expecting twins. Fast forwarding to when the girls were about to start school, Fiona decided that she wanted to stay at home, but work. She then went back to college and trained to be a nail therapist.

Fast forward again, everyone was jumping on the band wagon of nails and she didn’t want to get involved in the cheap as chips mentality which was creeping in. Fiona loved working from home so she Googled “Working from Home” and came across a website which sold beads and DVDs on how to make simple charm bracelets and earrings.

Fiona decided if she could sell them then she would make more. They all sold. Fiona had enough beads in different colours to make 11 bracelets. Very soon everyone seemed to be making the same sort of thing. Yet again she didn’t want to be doing the same as everyone else.

Fiona  joined some forums and through chatting discovered that she loved working with tiny beads. She did some pieces and took them to the craft fairs which she had started attending.

These pieces were very time consuming and it was very difficult to market them correctly.

During this time she thought she might like to try chainmaille, but she needed to be able to do it in quality metals rather than silver plated. Her husband bought her a kit – all the rings, clasp and pattern to make a Japanese weave bracelet.

This still remains one of her favourite pieces.

Fiona did lots of research and there were not many people doing chainmaille especially in the quality metals. She decided that she would use copper to practise the weaves as it was much less cost wise than sterling silver and copper is still a beautiful metal so she still has pieces which can go in the online shop.

She then looked into what other metals could be used in the weaves and Niobium just shouted to her. The colours are just stunning!

There are many opportunities to have a piece of jewellery made to your specifications. Fiona feels she has now found where she wants to be with her jewellery designs.



Friday 1 May 2015

Weekly Digest - 1st May 2015

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Member No: 270415698
Sue Matthews from Enchanted Elegance by Sue
Handmade, Bespoke Jewellery


Member No: 280415699
Annie Finn from Beluca Designs
Hand crafted  bracelets and jewellery. Custom designs available.


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