Thursday 5 May 2016

I wanted to love my planner but it just didn't fit my business!

I purchased an A5 Filofax planner in around 2003 and I have always wanted to love it! Ever the stationery addict it seemed the perfect thing for me but the love just didn't come. Over the years I bought various inserts that were available and tried many different things with it but no joy. :(

So eventually it became a glorified passport and birth certificate holder in my filing cabinet. A waste? Totally!

Until a few weeks ago when I stumbled across a youtube video of a savvy lady in America who had revamped her planner and recreated it in a way that helped in her life.

That was it!
I would create my own inserts that fit around my business. Perfect for crafty types and those that are drowning in marketing and social media. Those who love to be organised and plan things and make lists!!

So that's what I did. So far I have created a Monthly Dashboard, A Task Planner and a Blog Post Tracker. All currently in A5 but able to be converted to other sizes for personal or A4. On my list of inserts to create are Social Media Planners and Trackers, Income/Expense sheets, Order Sheets, Daily Task Sheets and the ideas keep flowing.

And I now finally LOVE my planner. It also inspired me to create my own dividers in funky card the way that I need them and not the generic ones that are for sale in shops.

So where do you come in?

Well, I love to share and help my members so that is what I have done. Full Members of the Professional Crafters Guild can now download the inserts in printable format and create their own Planner Nirvana. I will be adding more sizes soon and new sheets as I design them. I am also hoping to work with some of our members to make sure that the inserts are perfect for craft businesses so that we can all benefit.

Are you a Full Member of the Guild? If so, then head over to the Members Area and you can find the sheets that I have already created and am using for my business.

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