Thursday 13 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning all!

For those members that don't follow Facebook I would like to share an image that I posted this morning.

As small crafters we do lots of work behind the scenes, often working constantly. Most of the time it is for very little gain. This can get you down, cause negative feelings. But as with lots of things time invested is well worth it and the rewards will come eventually. So keep positive, if you get knocked down, get straight back up again. Let your glass remain half full! If you need support then ask ... we have a friendly community and we all know what it's like. We will be there for you.

And on that note, lets meet a new member:

Member No: 131212381
Aileen Atkins  from Borrowed Moments Baby Casting Kits 
in the UK

If you are a member of our Guild and would like to be featured as one of our Member Spots please email me your post (about you and your business) to

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