Wednesday 27 March 2013

PCG Today!

We have new Guild members again today. Please meet:

Member No: 270313417
Rachel Spavold from Encharm
in the UK

Member No: 270313418
Jodie Kairo from Fats And Small
in the UK

Wednesday 20 March 2013

PCG Today!

Good morning all!

We have a new member for you to meet but first I'd like to talk Postage!

As crafters we all know that the price of postage is rising yet again! This is bad news for us as most, if not all of our orders are delivered to our customers. I have heard many friends recently despairing as the price of shipping an item will now exceed the cost of the item itself. The thing that makes it even more difficult is that the general public as a whole don't realise this and think that we are just being greedy. So what do we do?
Do we up the cost of our items so that it doesn't look disproportionate to the postage? This is certainly one way. Not many of us can afford to just swallow this cost which eats into our profits.

As a Guild we are looking to do two things but we will need your help to accomplish them. We are hoping to produce a guide which will allow you to find a selection of reasonably priced couriers as hopefully they will realise that this is a prime opportunity to grab lots of business if their prices are right.
We are also looking at teaming up with one of the well known marketplaces (possibly more) to see if we can strike a deal with any of the courier companies.

What you can do?

  • Let us know if you currently use a reasonable, reliable courier service.
  • If a discount of some kind was offered, would you be open to the idea of changing from Royal Mail to courier and if so have you an estimation of how many packages you would send out?

Member No: 200313416
Nathalie Walmsley-Beveridge from Athene's Gift 
in the UK

Monday 18 March 2013

PCG Today!

Morning all!

We have three talented new members for you to meet today.

Member No: 180313413
Sacha Estoul Milligan from Wonderland Cuties 
in the UK

 Member No: 180313414
Rebecca Wood from Blind Crow Creations 
in the UK

Member No: 180313415
Melanie Jarrett from The Handcrafted Home 
in the UK

Friday 15 March 2013

PCG Today!

Happy Friday PCG members! :)

Well, almost!
We've had a busy week, new members, CRAFTfest begins at Midnight tonight and we've been sharing lots of lovely members items on our Facebook page. If you see this image on our Facebook page

make sure that you post a comment beneath it and we may visit your site and post one of your items on our wall with a link!

In other news:

We have three new members! Let's meet them shall we?

Member No: 150313410
Jules Holbrook from Mad Mog Creations
in the UK

Member No: 150313411
Charlotte Stevens from Lottiemimi
in the UK

Member No: 150313412
Holly Jackson  from Kelynn Pottery 
in the UK

Monday 11 March 2013

PCG Today!

Monday again! It certainly comes round quick doesn't it!

We have four lovely new members for you to meet today:

Member No: 110313406
Julie Clitheroe from Juesaics
in the UK

Member No: 110313407
Andrea Kasinathan from Andrea Makes
in the UK

Member No: 110313408
Claire Potter from Butterfly Kisses & Wishes
in the UK

Member No: 110313409
Joan Laverick from Authenticseaglass 
in the UK

Tuesday 5 March 2013

PCG Today!

Welcome to another day at the PCG!

Now nobody shout too loudly but I think the sun is out!! Shhhhhh in case we scare it off. :)

We have two lovely new members for you to meet today:

Member No: 050313404
Diana Alkin from Jewellery ByFirefly
in Scotland

Member No: 050313405
Becky Fort from Lavender House Designs
in the UK