Wednesday, 30 April 2014

PCG Today! - 30th April 2014

Believe you can and you’re halfway there!

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Nice little tip here from
The Girls Mean Business

Facebook Likes DON'T Equal Sales!
Focus less on the likes
Focus more on getting your perfect customers onto your page
Focus on creating interesting and engaging content aimed at them
Focus on building relationships
Focus on getting feedback
Focus on getting people onto your email list so that you can continue the conversation you started on Facebook
Focus on creating relationships that create sales
(You don't need that many people buying from you to create an amazing business - it's about the people not the numbers)

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*There are QUARTER PAGE magazine adverts up for grabs!*

EVERY correct entry also receives a mention in the magazine.
Get hunting for those 15 eggs, the egg hunt closes TONIGHT!
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Are your sales good right now?
Quite a few of our members are reporting a slump and because you are all so fabulous we just know that you have some super marketing ideas that fellow members could use to help their businesses.

PCG Members are the best!
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Diana Coe It certainly is quiet, not just with sales but the views in my etsy shop are down too for April. I work on my branding with new packaging etc and there are always improvements to be made in the actual shop as well. It's all the normal ups and downs 
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Yes it is very quiet for too. The FB restrictions aren't helping as you don't know how many are seeing you. But keep working at it xx
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Vickie Christian Yup very quiet at bead fairs too. Vickie's Emporium 


Tuesday, 29 April 2014

PCG Today! - 29th April 2014

Are you wearing your badge?

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PCG Member Jane Cameron - Artist has control of the Member Focus Page on the Creative Connections network this week!
Read all about Jane and browse through her embedded website.

You can even have a go at being the member focus for next week!

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Would you like to be the Best British Crafter 2014?
PCG Supplier Member Crafty Magpie is running a competition to raise funds for the Dreams Come True Charity which is a UK charity that brings joy to terminally and seriously ill children and young people by helping them to realise their dream. The entry forms are open until 3rd May (this Saturday - enter quickly!) when the first round of judging will then take place. If you would like to take part or see how they are getting on you can find information here

The Great Big Egg Hunt

Hunt down virtual Easter Eggs over all four websites

If you collect all 15 Easter Eggs you will WIN a mention in the next issue of Creative Crafting Magazine. Four winners picked at random will also win a ¼ page advert! This competition is FREE to enter!
Visit all four sites and start hunting for eggs. Each egg has a number, send an email to with the number for each egg and the web page link where it is situated. The competition ends on 30th April so no time to waste.

Yes, you did read correctly, don't worry it isn't an actual live cow. The Green Grass Girls will be picking their creative winners shortly over on the Creative Connections Social Network. Who wouldn't want a fabulous Cow Award Badge for their item? Entries close on 30th April.

We are in the last couple of weeks to book your virtual stall for the next CRAFTfest online fair. This time round you also get a spot on the CRAFTfest Blog tour which is great for adding new followers and a FREE Craft Magazine! Can't be bad can it. All this on top of 8 FULL DAYS of online selling, marketing and fun!
The booking forms close on 12th May, stalls cost £10

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New Guild Members

Member No:  290414561
Kathryn Bradshaw from Fox & Cat
who's crafts are knitting, crochet, sewing, needle felt
in the UK

Monday, 28 April 2014

PCG Today! - 28t April 2014

New Guild Members

Premium Member No: 280414560
Tania Walker from ColaCreations
who creates Hand crafted gifts and homeware 
in the UK

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

PCG Today! 23rd April 2014

Today's New Members

Member No: 230414558
Michelle Stead from Little Megs Cards
who creates Unique and bespoke handcrafted greetings cards
in the UK

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Member No: 230414559
Karen Gavin from Kalm Art
who is a Freelance Illustrator and creates Art Textiles
in the UK

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Happy St Georges Day from the PCG!

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It is ALWAYS a good idea to display your Guild Badge on your website so that your customers can see it but here is another reason - You never know when your site will feature on our home page!


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

PCG Today! - 22nd April 2014

Today's New Members

Member No: S220414113
Dream Designs 2000 UK
Exclusive Bespoke Handcrafted Cards, Wedding stationery, Candles, Favours and Handfinished Personalised Chocolate bars


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

PCG Today! 16th April 2014

Calling all Craftspeople!

Message from PCG Member Gill Connolly

We are currently looking for new members who would like to sell their products with us in our fabulous pop up shops. You will probably be someone who does the craft fair circuit, but is looking for a way to take that next step into retail. You will make and/or design your own products, and probably live within 50 miles of Maidenhead. Why not give it a go? You can find more information here:

Interested in Joining us?
Here are the benefits: Co-operative style No joining fee. Opportunity to take part in craft events throughout the year Inclusion in the website...

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Would you like to be the Best British Crafter 2014?

I (Anna) am proud to have been asked to be part of the judges panel for the competition.
The event is raising funds for the fabulous Dreams Come True Charity and will be running alongside Britains Got Talent.

To see the entries so far and find more information check here

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Todays New Members

Supplier Member No: S160414113
Artie Craftie Ltd
Arts and Crafts shop with Workshop and Photography studio
in the UK. (under construction)

Thursday, 10 April 2014

PCG Today! - 10th April 2014

Today's New Members

Member No: 100414557
Anthony Spriggs from Big Tony Crafts
who creates Carved boxes, signs, plaques and free standing words
in the UK.

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It's the start of a new financial year, why not get those accounts sorted nice and early so that you aren't tearing your hair out next January?

Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Do you have questions about Facebook?

Many of you enjoyed reading the Expert Q&A session that now reside in the members area of our website. We have another one lined up for you which is quite topical! We are all currently experiencing frustration with the latest round of Facebook changes. Well now is your chance to ask another expert, Anna Davidson Thawe the questions that you would like answered about a social network that plays a very big part in all of our marketing strategies.

We didn't receive that many questions about Google Plus so let's see if we can get a nice big batch together for Anna. Please don't stay quiet expecting someone else to ask the question that you would like answered as this may not happen and then we all miss out. 

There is a question submission form in the members area of our website or you can email us at  

You can also comment on our Facebook post HERE

Monday, 7 April 2014

PCG Today! 7th April 2014

Today's New Members

Member No: 070414556
Alix McCardie from Ali Bali Bee Creative Crafts
who creates Handmade cards and upcycled/crocheted gifts in the UK

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Who wants to have some fun?
The Great Big Egg Hunt is now LIVE!
Hunt for 15 virtual eggs across four websites. (Some are hidden on our very own PCG site!)



Tuesday, 1 April 2014

PCG Today! - 1st April 2014

Today's New Members

Member No: 010414554
Rebekah Finney-Edwards from Taylor~Mayde
who creates Handmade home decor - taylored to customer requirements 
in the UK.

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The Google Plus Expert Question and Answer session is now live for you to see in the members area of our website.

It looks like we should all be getting to grips with this useful business tool.

We would like to thank Committee member Sarah for arranging this for us.