Friday 9 January 2015

How is 2015 settling in?

This has been the first working week back for the PCG and what a busy one it has been!
We've seen massive changes due to new European regulations that will change the shape of many of our business over the year to come. I have a fabulous business workbook to get started on but haven't got round to it yet. It's set to be a busy one isn't it.
How are you finding early 2015 so far?

From 1st January 2015 the PCG
 is now only accepting new applications from the UK.
Members will soon also be asked to provide the area of the UK that they are in so that we can have a more regional feel.

New Members

Member No: 060115646
Charmaine Longman from The Artful Elephant
Embroidered logos, gifts, clothing & more unique handmade items
Member No: 060115647
Katie Ann Irwin from Marlow Lou
Upholstery, restoration, soft furnishings and gifts all made with love, care and attention.
Member No: 070115648
Margaret McFerran from Honey B's
Family run business manufacturing our own products here in the UK Our items are British Made

Member No: 070115649
Emma Smythe from Twit Twoo Handmade
Personalised and Handmade Baby Products


Member No: 080115650
Alison Northern from Doodle Dot
We love all thing whimsical and quirky and create colourful hand crafted gifts and cards.We also make and design polymer stamps, we have a gift range and business stamp range.


Member No: 080115651
Peter Tuffrey from Tranquil Earth
UK manufacturer and retailer of luxurious scented candles and room sprays. All of our candles and sprays are handmade here in the UK, using the finest ingredients and fragrances.


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