Tuesday, 3 June 2014

PCG Today! - 3rd June 2014

Premium PCG and Committee Member Kerry from Paperama is holding a very special Raffle for Charity.
Please pop over and take a look. We'd love you to take part but if you can't please help to spread the word.

*************** RAFFLE DETAILS***************

Over £200 worth of goodies in the prize (there is only 1 prize)

Tickets are £1 each there is no limit to the number of tickets you can buy. You will be sent an email with your ticket numbers. Entry from UK only due to postage costs thank you.

Payment for tickets to go via Paypal to charity@paperama.co.uk - PLEASE PLEASE tick that you are paying friends/family so that there are no Paypal fees incurred allowing the whole amount to go to Kidscape.

Money will be collected here and at the end will be sent to Kidscape via Patsy's JustGiving page (more info further down the page).

Raffle will run from now until 9pm on Monday 30th June with the winner being announced at 9pm on Tuesday 1st July.

This is in no way endorsed by facebook

*************** PRIZES ***************

Sisterly Treats
Socksy Beasts!!!!
My paper cut heart
Elibar Handknits & Baby Wear
Karenza Paperie UK
Peppermint Art
Spiral Rose
Ella Goodwin Illustration
The Doodler
Porritt Family Cross Stitch Kits, Cards & Signs
Liana Marcel Designs
Soaperbly Handmade
Hand crafted hearts and baubles
Little Black Heart
Greta will be sending jewellery (a dear friend without a page personal jewellery page is Tomme Jewellery link in comments)
Stuart (another dear friend) will be offering an Angel Card Reading too

As goodies start to arrive I will upload pictures.

Please appreciate the generosity of the people donating here and that these people are all small businesses, many working from home to support families of their own, please do not harass them for donations.


To take part please follow this link to the main post:


New Members

Member No: 030614576
Laura Moore from Annie & Grace Dog Boutique
who creates Handmade Dog Collars, Leads and Accessories
in the UK.


Member No: 030614577
Susanne Lovering from Simply Unique Jewellery
who creates Hand made jewellery in the UK.

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