Tuesday 10 June 2014

PCG Today! 10th June 2014

New Members

Member No: 100614582
Sarah Spratt from Spratt's Prints & Crafts
who create a range of gifts & personalised prints, each hand created and unique for the individual
in the UK.


Member No: 100614583
Lea Salcedo Anderson from La Sola Sanctuary
who creates Textiles, Handmade Clothing Accessories, Beads, Jewelry, Dreadlock Art, etc
in Las Vegas, USA


Calling all PCG Members!

This isn't for the book, this is for our website...
If you love to be part of the Guild (and I hope you do) would you be able to provide me with a nice bit of feedback about us for a new page I'm adding? You can email me at info@procraftersguild.com (please also let me know if you don't want me to add your name and business to the feedback on site).
Thanking you all in advance.
Have a beautiful and creative day.


We have a new Premium Member offer!

Are you a Premium Member of the PCG?
If you are then email me your username (pm us on here) and I will create a board on our Pinterest Account JUST FOR YOU to pin your fabulous products on.

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