Wednesday 30 April 2014

PCG Today! - 30th April 2014

Believe you can and you’re halfway there!

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Nice little tip here from
The Girls Mean Business

Facebook Likes DON'T Equal Sales!
Focus less on the likes
Focus more on getting your perfect customers onto your page
Focus on creating interesting and engaging content aimed at them
Focus on building relationships
Focus on getting feedback
Focus on getting people onto your email list so that you can continue the conversation you started on Facebook
Focus on creating relationships that create sales
(You don't need that many people buying from you to create an amazing business - it's about the people not the numbers)

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*There are QUARTER PAGE magazine adverts up for grabs!*

EVERY correct entry also receives a mention in the magazine.
Get hunting for those 15 eggs, the egg hunt closes TONIGHT!
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Are your sales good right now?
Quite a few of our members are reporting a slump and because you are all so fabulous we just know that you have some super marketing ideas that fellow members could use to help their businesses.

PCG Members are the best!
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Diana Coe It certainly is quiet, not just with sales but the views in my etsy shop are down too for April. I work on my branding with new packaging etc and there are always improvements to be made in the actual shop as well. It's all the normal ups and downs 
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Yes it is very quiet for too. The FB restrictions aren't helping as you don't know how many are seeing you. But keep working at it xx
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Vickie Christian Yup very quiet at bead fairs too. Vickie's Emporium 


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