Tuesday 8 April 2014

Do you have questions about Facebook?

Many of you enjoyed reading the Expert Q&A session that now reside in the members area of our website. We have another one lined up for you which is quite topical! We are all currently experiencing frustration with the latest round of Facebook changes. Well now is your chance to ask another expert, Anna Davidson Thawe the questions that you would like answered about a social network that plays a very big part in all of our marketing strategies.

We didn't receive that many questions about Google Plus so let's see if we can get a nice big batch together for Anna. Please don't stay quiet expecting someone else to ask the question that you would like answered as this may not happen and then we all miss out. 

There is a question submission form in the members area of our website or you can email us at info@procraftersguild.com  

You can also comment on our Facebook post HERE

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