Friday 16 August 2013

PCG Today! - 16th August 2013

Elsewhere in the PCG

Snowflakes on a roll! I have no end of ideas for things to do with that.

PCG Supplier member Glitterwitch has some great Xmas Crafty supplies in stock.

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My youngest son is Dinosaur obsessed so he would adore this colourful dino fabric stocked by Premium PCG Supplier member

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You get a pack of 30 of these beautiful copper angel wings from Premium PCG Supplier member Charming Beads They also come in various other colours. I'm rather tempted myself - someone restrain me!

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Has everyone got their glittered pipe cleaners ready for Christmas?
If not PCG Supplier Member Hours of Fun can help!

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Do you work with glass?

If you do then pop over to PCG Supplier member Vickie's Emporium for a great range of frit.

If you don't then you can just gaze at the pretty colours like I do. 


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