Tuesday 13 August 2013

PCG Today! - 13th August 2013

Today's New Members

Member No: 130813479
Tina Howes from Wired and Twisted 
in the UK

Member No: 130813480
Susan Goodhall from Auntie Susan's Bears 
in the UK

Member No: 130813481
Mandy Gair from XocolaT
in the UK

Supplier Member No: S130813009
Beads, polystyrene, metal & wooden shapes for crafting, washi tape, craft kits

The PCG website will be undergoing lots of changes over the coming months. The first one has hopefully just happened. All members 'should' have received an activation email for their member login on the PCG website. This will give you access to certain pages that are only accessible to members. The first being our discount page.

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