Tuesday, 4 June 2013

PCG Today! - 4th June 2013

Today's New Members

Member No: 040613462
Vikki Lawrie from Snappy Crocodile
in Scotland

Elsewhere in the PCG

Fabulous CD Jewellery by PCG member Sonia from Twinkle , Sparkle & Tinsel Me Now

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Look at this fabulous new creation from PCG member Diana from Beadwork & Coe
Don't we all just LOVE it!

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Today we asked PCG members to tell us 5 random facts about themselves that we probably didn't know.

First up is:

  • I went to school with Sid Owen (Ricky) from Eastenders. 
  • I sat in a health spa jacuzzi with Frank Bruno. 
  • I have 7 tattoos, 3 of which are very large.
  • I dream of owning my own bead shop/studio. 
  • I hate British weather. 
  • I was born in Salisbury, Rhodesia 
  • I have been in the UK for 10 years 
  •  I live in the moelwyn Mountains in North Wales 
  • I am a crazy cat lady 
  • I love sailing

Gill Cattroll  This Teddy bear artist from Bowerbird Bears is
  •  happily married has two grown girls age 22 & 24, 
  • used to own a stunning little Arab horse that went to HOYS 3 times! ( bloody good going for an amateur even if I say so myself!) 
  • loves hill walking with said hubby and our little dog, 
  • is just about to dust off her interior design skills and do a floor plan for a Teddy bear gallery! 
  • Favourite place...Chatsworth House, Derbyshire. xxxx
  • I am German. 
  • I am a trained vehicle electrician. 
  • I have a degree as Technical Author. 
  • I have a sun allergy  
  • I like to go geo-caching with my husband.

  • I am a qualified Chef. 
  • I grew up in West Africa. 
  • I am 4ft 11 and three quarter inches tall. 
  • I once worked for a famous author and actress. 
  • I write songs

  • I'm mummy to a 3 year old daughter and expecting Baby No 2 in November, 
  • I can read Tarot cards, 
  • Me and my hubby are board game geeks, 
  • I've and honours degree in Economics, 
  • I'm a self taught milliner.
  • I am a grandmother four times over. 
  • I am a yellow belt in TaeKwanDo. 
  • I play Euphonium in a brass band. 
  • I am a CAD Technician by day. 
  • I am totally crazy!

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