Tuesday, 18 June 2013

PCG Today! - 18th June 2013

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Let's talk about how you all sell your crafts. Which method do you find the best?
1. Storefront Sites (If so, which?)
2. Your own website
3. Other methods (What are they?)
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Morning all, that's the million dollar question, tried stores but with commission, delivery, stock checking/replacing and waiting for payment it didn't pay. Tried renting shelves but wrong place, very quiet, website doesn't get many sales, craft fairs vary from amazing to dire tried many priced ones £15-£300 beginning to find what works after 9 months. I'm rubbish at marketing which doesn't help:( would love to know success stories xx
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 I use a mixture off all three... Etsy for store front is great, I have my own website (www.offwithherheadmillinery.co.uk) and have a presence onf FB Off With Her Head Millinery by Lisa Jones and on Twitter @croquetandroses, but its all about getting yourself out there, marketing yourself right (I go by 50% making/50% marketing) and talking to your ideal customer. I can highly recommend Claire Mitchell - Running a Business in Heels for all her help and advice, she's a business genius!!!
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 Vivienne Wilkes Have had a few sales from my website but mainly from Facebook. Have just opened a Folksy shop though so we'll see how that goes! Beads Of Creation
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I am still trying to find the answer to that question ... I am on etsy, did WOW-Thank You and am giving Folksy a go now - only sold a couple of things on etsy though. I went to a few fairs/markets last year, but usually didn't even get the stall money back I have hopes for the Arts Centre that is taking some of my pieces in July - we will see. It is something new and at least worth a try.
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Spotted on our PCG Member Pinterest board!

Extra Gentle Chamomile and Goat's milk facial soap. £5.25
created by PCG member Oakwood Soaperie

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