Friday 24 May 2013

PCG Today - 24th May 2013

New members today!

Member No: 240513455
Rosalinda McKenzie from Button Owl
in the UK

Elsewhere in the PCG

This morning we asked our members to show us their favourite item that they are selling right now!

For me Off With Her Head Millinery by Lisa Jones it would have to be my little Sweetheat Hat, based on an original 1940's design and looks stunning in black cherry.

Hello if it's items for sale I would have to say my message in a bottle range but my little ladies I am keeping (I will be doing some more with new designs for sale as soon as I clear my feet) .... Paperama x

@ProCrafterGuild my rabbits are probably my favourites at the moment,  
from Elsie May and Bertha 

Look at these fantastic Clangers made by member Rachael from Blue Shed Crafts for a customer order.

Message from Premium PCG Supplier member WowThankYou

"The WowThankYou Facebook page is getting stronger by the day and our 'themes' are being commented on frequently. But to rule out any bias, or simply my own taste, I want to invite sellers on WTY to pick five products currently listed on the website for us to showcase. Just five random items, not from your own store (!), that catch your eye/deserve their moment in the spotlight. For doing this your store will be featured during that day. I'd really like to start running these features tomorrow for the entire Half Term week - so I'm seeking 9 people who currently have stores on WTY who can email me 5 item links that they like on the website. I will then email you to tell you what 'your' day is.

Our facebook page is and my email is

There are EIGHT PCG members being published in Creative Crafting magazine next week!

Who wants to be in the next one?

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