Tuesday 21 May 2013

PCG Today - 21st May 2013

Todays New Members!

Member No: 210513453
Maria Deaville-Harrop from Beary Special Bears
in the UK

Member No: 210513454
in the UK

Elsewhere in the PCG

I've added lots more of you to my Facebook PCG list today so don't forget to follow it to find fellow members (Still lots missing though so do shout if you aren't on it)

You can find the list here:

PCG member Lojango Design are trying to get 100 likes on Facebook before the weekend!
Do pop over and add a like for them if you are about. 

Let's see who joined in with our liking ladder on Facebook this morning:-

Bit of a short ladder today! More of step. :)

Here we have a double hitter!
PCG member Madam Salami has made these fantastic passport wallets that are featured on Premium PCG Supplier member WowThankYou's Page!
Aren't they just gorgeous!

Oooo! Now look at these fabulous Rocket soft leather baby shoes by PCG member Boutique Baby .co.uk

Now look at this lovely offering from one of todays new members! fragrantflamecandlecompany.co.uk


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