Thursday 12 April 2012

Todays New PCG Members

Welcome to todays new PCG members.

Member No: 090412271
Dawn Cave from Pink Lavender
Dawn creates sewing, painted, home accessories, baby, children, wedding in the UK

Website coming soon!

Member No: 120412272
Lindsay Ogden from Pretty Glassy
Lindsay creates Hand painted art glass in the UK

Member No: 120412273
Louise Oakes from Elsie May and Bertha
Louise creates Embroidery, patchwork, sewing and knitting in the UK

Member No: 120412274
Sarah Plummer from Makeaholic
Sarah's crafts are Jewellery Making, Jewellery Supplies and Handmade gifts in the UK

Member No: 120412275
Edward Thomas from Ed's Designs
Edward creates Scroll Saw Designs in the UK

Member No: 120412276
Hannah Shawcross from flights of fantasy
Hannah's crafts are wetfelting, coiled fabric basket making, fabric decoupage in the UK

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