Monday, 2 April 2012

CRAFTfest is back!!

CRAFTfest is back!

We are delighted to announce that the fourth CRAFTfest will be held from
Saturday 9th June – Saturday 16th June 2012 at Creative Connections.
Ever fancied being a seller at a craft fair, but never had the opportunity to take part due to family commitments, travel, or costs?
Well, now you can!
At Creative Connections, we are hosting our Fourth CRAFTfest on the 9th June 2012 for ONE WHOLE WEEK.
The idea of CRAFTfest is to showcase sellers using interactive albums, 'your stall', which allows your sellers to browse and purchase items through an interactive link in your product descriptions, 'your voice'.
You can sit behind your computer screen, and sell interactively to your sellers through Creative Connections chat room, Facebook, Twitter, and many other social networking sites.
 CRAFTfest is a week- long event, running all day, every day, so wherever in the world you may be, the fest is open to the public 24/7. CRAFTfest t is held on the Creative Connections Network, which is a friendly community of online crafters. The social network itself was established in August 2009 and now has members from all over the world.
Are you interested in a stall?
If you would like to participate in CRAFTfest and host your own stall during the week we have our own dedicated website and booking for you.
Due to the huge amount of work involved in hosting CRAFTfest there will be a small stall charge of £5 for the CRAFTfest June 2012 event. This money will go towards site and admin costs.
By purchasing a stall at CRAFTfest you will also be supplied with:
·         A digital flyer that you can post on the Internet and also print at home to put up in offices/schools etc.
·         Various badges for blogs, Facebook pages etc.
·         Free advertising on stall lists, Twitter, Facebook etc, membership to an advertising group where you can get together with other Crafters and promote each other and the event.
·         The opportunity to create your own CRAFTfest stall on the Creative Connections Social Network linking customers to your products wherever they may be on the Internet. (Please note that only confirmed stalls will be permitted. All unauthorised stalls will be removed).

A little about
We were one of the first online craft fairs, and CRAFTfest isn’t just a virtual online craft fair! The main difference with CRAFTfest to other craft fairs is that it is a community experience. The whole event is hosted on our Crafters Social Network; we are not just about uploading items to your stall and trying to sell things. We are about the bigger picture, making friends, interacting with other crafters, people who understand your passion, and your craft. We are about having fun in the forums and chatting in the chat room, exchanging tips, learning new ideas and speaking to other crafters that have years, months or weeks of experience. We can all learn something new from other people doing the same as us, running a business by ourselves and trying to make a living from crafting.

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