Saturday, 11 February 2012

What is CRAFTfest?

Here is a blog post by one of our members Felicity from Perfect Patchwork about CRAFTfest.
Don't forget that booking forms close on the 20th February so if you would like to take part, grab hour virtual place NOW!

Good Morning,

I promised to come back and tell you more about CRAFTfest, so here I am.

CRAFTfest is an online craft fair open to anybody across the world. This time it is running for a whole week, to give people plenty of time for browsing and shopping. Anyone can join in, it is open to crafters, artists, suppliers, ALL OF YOU. It is very easy (and cheap) to join in, simply pop along to and fill in the booking form. You can make payment (of only £5) via paypal, so nice and easy.
Once you've booked your stall, you create an album on the site of all the items that you would like to sell, together with a price and location where they can be bought, (website, Folksy, Etsy, even via email if you wish). There is not a limit to how many items you can include, and NO commission is taken on sales. What could be better?

I'll tell you what's better.... we have set up support groups/teams, to help promote both the event and you stall. You will be allocated to a group and told who your leader is.
This gives you the chance to join in with group discussions, follow on twitter, like on facebook etc., and the following etc. will be reciprocated.
Then whenever you promote we will share it, retweet etc. and hope you will do the same for us.

All the team leaders will be writing blogs about their team members including pictures and websites/Folksy shops etc. - so maximum exposure.
Where else could you get all this for £5?

BUT wait there's more.... Once you join the CREAFTfest you will have joined Creative Connections - what's that I hear you ask...

Well it is an amazing community of crafters and artists, we have forums, discussion groups and even a live chat room where you can go and talk to many of us, and get any help, advise or just a friendly chat.

We would love to see you there, and watch out for the next blog as I will be telling you a bit about some of my group - The Lilac Group

Bye for now

F xxa
If you would like to visit Flicks blog you can find it here

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