Friday 15 July 2016

Starting a new Business - PLAN IT OUT!

Yes I know, you want to just jump on in there and open the doors (I’m always the same) but it just isn’t the right thing to do. Take the time to sit down with a pad and paper and work through all of your ideas for your business first. Trust me it will save you time and stress in the long run as being impulsive isn’t the best way to head into something as serious as this.

I am guilty of many impulsive decisions brought on by one of my ‘during the night ideas’. I’ve woken up at 5am with a brilliant idea and had a new Facebook page and Twitter Account live and kicking by 9am only to get rid of it again about three weeks later when I’ve realized that I really don’t have time for something else or it just hasn’t worked. Sleep on it, chew it over, make sure that it is a good idea before you rush headlong into it. I have way too many social networking pages and can only keep up with things at a run the way that I do because I have a lovely lady that helps me out with twitter (Kirsty) and I have a short attention span so jumping about between them keeps me sane. I often envy those that only have the one business to promote and one Facebook page and Twitter account but I wouldn’t change the way I am as I’d miss you all too much. And some would say that I’m a little bit nuts but they love me anyway. A word of warning though, I've been at all of this for ten years now and have burnt out more than once and that isn't funny at all.

So we are currently sat down with a nice coffee (or tea, I don’t judge) paper and pen at the ready.

We know by now which craft we are doing don’t we. So write that down. In fact let’s give you some nice bullet pointed headers shall we. Here goes:
  • Craft Type - We worked this out here so we are good to go on this one.
  • Business Name - You may already know this, if not throw some ideas around. (See here forWhat’s In A Name)
  • Where are you going to sell?
  • Are you going to purely sell online? Go to craft fairs? Hold crafting parties?
    (Various posts coming up on this)
  • The Legal Stuff (I'll update with posts about this soon)
    Have you registered your business with HMRC or a corresponding agency if you are not in the UK?
    Do you need insurance?
    Do you need to find an Accountant? 
  • What is your budget for stock, advertising, hosting subscriptions etc?
    It’s always good to know where you are financially, no one likes unexpected bills to pop up. Most small craft businesses don’t have turnovers large enough to swallow a ninja bill when it appears. Are you going to buy quite a lot of supplies up front or just get what you need when you need it? 
  • If selling online do you have a decent camera?
    Images are everything for online selling as your customer cannot pick up your creation and see how good it is for themselves. The image is often it’s first and only impression. It can make or break a sale. 
  • Do you need to work out child care for when you create?
    Your craft may not be a safe one around young children. If this is the case then making arrangements for a sitter when you craft would be sensible or you could fit your orders in when someone else is home to look after the little ones.

    There are tons of other things that you could jot down, social networking, blogging, advertising etc. The main thing is to get those big ones sorted first. Those are the ones that can cause you trouble further down the line and come back to bite you.
    So, you have your list. Your business is slowly coming to life. Congratulations!

    And of course, don't forget to join us at the Professional Crafters Guild.  
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