Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Meet a Member - Tilly-Minx Vinage

I'm Annette from Tilly-Minx Vintage, I started my business in June 2013 so now approaching our three year anniversary. It's been a bumpy ride at times and we still have much to do but we're getting there. Today, I'd like to share with you a small part of our work this year.

Way back in August 2015 I attended a Google Digital Garage training  at the new Birmingham Library. Not knowing what to expect I was a little apprehensive but had a clear objective in mind..... how to improve my website!

The seminars were packed and it was definitely a case of information overload, especially with regards to the Google analytics but I came away with one loud message ringing in my head and that was to be very clear on the purpose of your website. Selling products? information? selling services? directing traffic? Sounds simple? Obvious? Yes, but it gave me a new perspective!

Our website, at the time was a shop, an unsuccessful shop. Don't get me wrong, I've been very busy but sales from the website could be counted on one hand. My light bulb moment at the Google Digital Garage was that my website needed to sell me and not my products.

Each of my bridal accessories are one-offs, made to order. I do have some ready made pieces but most of my work comes from commissions. So armed with this new perspective I went through the testimonials my clients had written and used their insight to turn my website on its head and focus on selling myself and my services.

A lot easier said than done as I'm not one who feels comfortable talking about myself! I was lucky enough to meet Torie Jochims, a copywriter in Colorado, in one of the many networking groups I get involved in. Collaborative projects were being discussed and Torie was looking for some case studies for her website http://www.wildsparkcreative.com/ so I jumped right in and asked for help.

Torie was able to really get under the skin of my business and through lots of really helpful questions, which really made me think, she understood what Tilly-Minx was about. I wanted my new website to be inspirational for brides-to-be to visit and see the potential and possibilities of commissioning a personal accessory. I wanted to have a focus on storytelling through; stories from other brides, the story of the making process and the story of a client's  own accessory. Starting with a vintage or family jewel and finishing with a very personal accessory and future heirloom. Past, present and future all in one accessory.

It's taken a long while but my new Tilly-Minx Vintage website is now live. It's a little too early to analyse the impact and delve into the analytics but I'm delighted that it is now a website I'm proud of, that reflects so much more about me and the core Tilly-Minx Vintage message. Having gone through the pain barrier of reflection and, in effect, starting a new website from scratch I'm much clearer on how to move forward and yes, there's loads more for me to do but now when I add to my website I reflect on whether it meets its core purpose.
The key learning for me in this process is:
  • Use networks and reach out to others who can offer new perspectives and help.
  • Don't be afraid to change what you're doing and turn things on its head. Use the insight of others, especially your customers to identify what's going well. 
  • Go to free training either in person or online but have a clear objective of what you want from it and make a commitment to carry out one action point. Coming away with one idea is a great way to measure time well spent and helps see the wood from the trees.
If you're like me and don't like talking about yourself or need help with your key message consider a copywriter. I was so happy to find Torie and so impressed that she really understood our business.

We'd love to know what you think of our new website visit
www.tilly-minx vintage.co.uk and let us know.

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