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Time To Shine - Charms By Joanna

It's your time to shine
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Charms By Joanna

Joanna started making cards many years ago, then began decorating boxes in about 2005, initially she was playing with glass paints so chose perspex boxes. Most of those boxes contained pony beads so she was left with a surplus of them.

In 2006 Joanna's mum suggested making bag charms as she did not particularly like the ones available in the shops, however, Joanna did not like the effect of the pony beads so donated them to a couple, who were making jewellery for children to raise money for charity.

She then purchased new beads, findings and tools and started to play, the wine glass charms followed later that year when her mum found a set in the Poundshop which just had a different colour tassle on each, she decided they would look so much better with beads on!

These items were all gifts for family and friends, although Joanna was making far more than she could give away! She decided to register as a sole trader and so Charms by Joanna was born on 6th February 2012

You can find Joanna's products on the Charms By Joanna, Etsy  and Supermums Craft Fair shops and the many craft and wedding fairs that she attends throughout the year.

"My mum comes to many craft and wedding fairs with me and together we have been raising money for Cancer Research. Mum makes Happy Bags and donates £1 from every bag she sells. She does not make any profit and it took me a good few years to convince her to even charge enough to cover the materials she was using!"


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