Friday, 20 February 2015

Get Connected!

Make a PCG Connection!

Would you like to find other Guild members in your local area? This new area of the Guild started on 10th Feb 2015 is for you.

Over time, we hope to build up ‘Connections’ for all areas of the UK. This is an opt in service so please let us know which town and county you are in so that we can add you to a ‘Connection’.

Each Member will be linked to their listing in the directory so that you can find their websites and information.

Are you a registered member and would you like to be added to a Connection?

Email us at the PCG, message us on Facebook, Log on to our Active Area on site or talk to us in our Exclusive Facebook Group. 

New Members

Member No: 120215667
Christine Judge from The Crafters Den
Craft Shop


Member No: 170215668
Norma Bottrill from Annettes Allsorts
Handmade Textile Homewares, Cushions,Bunting, Doorstops and much more!


Premium Member!
Member No: 190215669
Laura Barton from Cotswold Characters
Unique, high quality hand sculpted models made in polymer clay.


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