Wednesday, 2 July 2014

PCG Supplier Members Artie Craftie have been very busy!


PCG Supplier members Artie Craftie 

open their new shop!

 Nick and Wendy Horler joined the PCG not long before a very busy time in their lives!

They were getting married on April 26 and a week after they were moving to Blaenavon from Taunton (we applaud them for doing this after all getting married is stressful enough isn't it!).

As if this wasn't enough the couple then set up Artie Craftie, an arts and crafts shop, with the added facility of a creative workshop and photography studio. It opened a few weeks ago!

Nick said: “When we met we both said we would like to move to Wales to live and we started looking for a suitable property last November.

“Commercial Street was just what we were looking for as it gave us the creative space that we needed.”
Nick, a professional photographer, was familiar with Blaenavon as he had visited a few years ago to take photographs for a local magazine and said that he felt very welcome in the town.

I am sure that you will join us all at the PCG in wishing them all the best in their new venture

For more information, visit or follow @ArtieCraftie on Twitter.

Fellow PCG Members are entitled to a 10% discount from Artie Craftie.
Please see the discounts section in our members area for more details. 


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