Monday, 9 December 2013

PCG Today! - 9th December 2013


"Enormous thank you to Anna at the PCG for helping to negotiate and secure a massively important order from a huge Plc, great day when such a company chooses handcrafted over mass produced, thank you xx"

It was fabulous working with you Claire from Heartfelt Occasions and such a good feeling to go up against big London print houses and win the order.

If you are looking for invitations for a party, wedding or any other event then Claire will do a wonderful job for you and offers a truly wonderful service.

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nice early start with our first PCG Christmas Card of the day.
Merry Christmas to Guild Member Uniquely Your Designs

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Merry Christmas to Guild Member Heartfelt Occasions
Claire and the PCG have had a busy few weeks. Read the top of this post today to find out why.

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Merry Christmas to Guild Member Auntie Susan's Crafts


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