Friday, 7 December 2012

PCG Today!

Good morning crafters!
Well, we are one step closer to Christmas!

  • Are you all ready?
  • Do you still have orders flying in?
  • Have you gone into full on panic mode?
  • Are you taking it in your stride and are festively serene?
  • All of the above to varying degrees?

I'm not entirely sure that I fall into any of those categories but am doing my best to hang on by my fingernails as we hurtle at breakneck speed to the end of yet another year.

It would be nice to take a bit of time to look back on what 2012 has brought us, over here at the Guild we have been steadily growing and inching our way closer to 400 members. Many of the popular store front sites have revamped themselves both for good and bad. We have seen new internet legislation changes to confound us, rises in postage costs to push us to the very edge. Living costs have gone up, the weather has been 'wet' to say the least. But are we still fighting? You bet we are! We are a resilient bunch aren't we and we will persevere against all odds in our own crafty worlds.

I have been thinking about ways we can expand the Guild in 2013 and would love some feedback from our members if you have any ideas. I would also love you to comment and tell us all about the things that you have experience this year. We have some fantastic members and it would be wonderful to get to know you all better.

I would also like you to email me at and tell me about yourself, your business, what you love about what you do and how you do it. Also feel free to do some self promotion with some products and links and that all important PCG reg number. I will be doing a blog post for each of you that does so that we can all get to know each other.

In other matters today we have a new member to introduce:

Member No: 071212376
Denise Hartt from DBHjewellery
in the UK

Todays Member Focus is:

Rose Ellice Designs

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