Monday, 29 October 2012

PCG Today

Hello, hello, hello!

He we are again at the PCG!

We have three new members to introduce to you today and a new Guild Discount offer.

Member No: 291012363
Nikki Furnivall from Nikki Pilmer Jewellery
in the UK

Member No: 291012364
Gill Cattroll from BowerBird
in the UK

Member No: 291012365
Marit Meredith from Old Hen's Nest
in the UK

We also have a new Discount for our members from:

Craftybidder are offering discounts to all of our members.
An arts and crafts auction site that was developed for UK crafters to buy / sell materials and their final products
1 month totally free account with no fees by
To receive this offer please email prior to registration stating that you are a member of the PCG and your registration number.

Another quick update. Our Search function finally works properly on our website! WOOHOO! It is a free site search so if we get on well it could come in handy for some of your sites if you are having issues. The bots only crawl every two weeks though so if you are a new member please be patient until it finds you.

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