Monday, 4 January 2016

What do you do with your Christmas cards each January?

On the 5th January 2016, it’s time to take down your Christmas decorations and pack them away until December again, but what do you do with your Christmas cards? If you normally throw them out with the rubbish then think again as there are useful activities you can do instead.

  • Your local Marks and Spencer will have a Christmas card bin in partnership with the Woodland Trust. For every 1000 cards that are recycled, a new tree will be planted in the UK. You can recycle your cards between 2nd and 31st January 2016.

  • I normally give mine to local card makers, as the cards can be cut up to make new cards. If you are on Facebook, you may be able to find a local selling page where you can post a request for someone to collect the cards from you.
  •  Some PCG members told me that they create gift tags using the cards and use cards for scrapbooking.
Do you know any other ways to re-use your Christmas cards, or know of any more stores that are taking part in the recycling scheme? Just let Anna know, so that she can update the blog post. Furthermore we’d love to see some photos of what you’ve done with your cards.
Post written by Sarah O’Connell

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  1. I go through them and punch out tags with scallopped edged punches from Woodware to use next year. Some of them are so pretty have to get more use out of them. The rest go to recylcing bins at the local chemist.