Thursday, 16 May 2013

PCG Today - 16th May 2013

Todays new members!

Member No: 160513450
Christine Carol Stringer from Ceecees Crafts
in Northern Ireland

Elsewhere in the PCG
Here at the PCG we wanted to see who our most interactive likers were on Facebook so we found a cute little app that tells us. This is what we found! Thank you guys, it is always a pleasure to hear from you. These are the results for yesterday.
  What a fabulous selection of knitted crafts new member Ceecees Crafts has to offer!
Nominated by Diana from Beadwork & Coe is fellow PCG member Kerry from Scrapbookerry

Now I have shared Kerry's fantastic explosion boxes before (I even have one myself) so here is one of her wonderful BABY albums.
This is an image of one that has been filled. :)

PCG member Kerry from Paperama would like to know how you all feel about blogs.
You are welcome to add links to yours in your comments so that we can have a read.

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